Choosing an output device

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Choosing an output device

Your computer might have different sound drivers or audio devices attached to it. For example, you might have an external audio interface or mixer. In some cases, your operating system may consider your laptop's headphone jack and physical speakers to be two separate devices. So it's important to know how to switch your output device, especially if you want to use headphones or connect to an external sound system.

When Supercollider starts up, it chooses a default output device -- which might not be the device you want. To change the default startup device, run this in the Supercollider IDE:

Server.default.options.outDevice_("DEVICE NAME HERE")

Note the underscore after "outDevice".

To see the names of available devices, run:


Once you've changed the default device, you will need to reboot both Supercollider and SuperDirt. Run:


to reboot Supercollider, and run




to reboot SuperDirt.