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To return to an earlier version of tidal, use the ghc-pkg command. For example:

ghc-pkg list tidal

The above will list the version or versions you have installed. If there is more than one, the most recent will be used.

To uninstall a version, you can do, for example:

ghc-pkg unregister tidal-1.0.6

Do this for each version until the most recent is the one you want.

If you don't have the one you want installed, you can do this:

cabal install tidal-0.9.10

Atom editor package

You will probably also need to install an old version of the atom package to match. You can do this from the commandline too. For example, to install a version of the atom package compatible with tidal 0.9.x, you can do this:

apm install tidalcycles@0.12.1