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See also: someCycles

Type: sometimes :: (Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> Pattern a -> Pattern a

sometimes is function, that applies another function to a pattern, around 50% of the time, at random. It takes two inputs, the function to be applied, and the pattern you are applying it to.

For example to distort half the events in a pattern:

d1 $ sometimes (# crush 2) $ n "0 1 [~ 2] 3" # sound "arpy"

sometimes has a number of variants, which apply the function with different likelihood.

function likelihood
always 100%
almostAlways 90%
often 75%
sometimes 50%
rarely 25%
almostNever 10%
never 0%


If you want to be specific, you can use sometimesBy and a number, for example

sometimesBy 0.93 (# speed 2)

to apply the speed control on average 93 times out of a hundred.