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Type: within :: Arc -> (Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> Pattern a -> Pattern a

Use within to apply a function to only a part of a pattern. within takes two arguments: a start time and an end time, specified as floats between 0 and 1, which are applied to the relevant pattern. Note that the second argument must be greater than the first for the function to have any effect.

For example, to apply fast 2 to only the first half of a pattern:

d1 $ within (0, 0.5) (fast 2) $ sound "bd*2 sn lt mt hh hh hh hh"

Or, to apply (# speed "0.5") to only the last quarter of a pattern:

d1 $ within (0.75, 1) (# speed "0.5") $ sound "bd*2 sn lt mt hh hh hh hh"