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Thanks for your interest in helping with this tidal documentation effort!

Logging in

At the time of writing, account creation is open to all, you can create a free account or login. We might have to close this at times, to avoid the wiki being overrun with spam. If you have any problems creating an account, please email

(We say 'account', but no money changes hands, Tidal is free software and it of course costs no money to contribute to this wiki either!)

Editing (and creating) pages

This website is a wiki, which makes it easy to edit and create new webpages. In particular, it uses the mediawiki software. You can get a long way by clicking 'edit' and making changes, copying the 'wiki markup' already used on the page you're editing. Please don't worry about messing anything up! If you make a mistake, it's super easy to undo. It's much better to correct the occasional mistake than not have any contributions :) Be bold with your edits.

If you want to mark up tidal code, you can do that with <source></source> tags, like this:

d1 $ jux (rev . chop 8) $ sound "bd*8"
  # speed (saw + 1)

To get this result:

d1 $ jux (rev . chop 8) $ sound "bd*8"
  # speed (saw + 1)

To do code 'inline', like this every 3 rev $ sound "bd sn", you do this <source inline>every 3 rev $ sound "bd sn"</source>

If you'd like more detail about how to edit pages, please have a look at the documentation on the mediawiki site.

The default language is set to Haskell so that tidal code looks nice. If you're including SuperCollider code, there isn't a specific syntax highlighting setting for that, but the setting for the c language seems to look OK.. So try e.g. <source lang="c">SuperDirt.start</source>


This wiki has a nice system for translating pages, you are very welcome to join this. Once a page has been marked for translation, you can click 'translate this page' at the top and start contributing translations into your favourite language(s). We're still finding our way around this system, but have already been working on translating a Tidal workshop worksheet.


If you like chat systems, there's a #tidal-doc channel on . There's also the tidal mailing list on

Otherwise, to discuss any page on this wiki, just click the 'discussion' tab to get to its 'talk' page.

Or there's a Meta page where you can share ideas and thoughts about the wiki.