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Welcome to Tidal tutorial. This is designed to be used as a worksheet during hands-on beginner/mixed workshops, and is based on Tidalcycles version 0.9.10.

By Lucy Cheesman, adapted to wiki format by Alex McLean, edited by you (it's a wiki!).

Getting started

Once everything is installed, follow the following startup procedure each time.

  1. Launch SuperDirt - In Supercollider, type 'SuperDirt.start' and run the code by holding down 'Ctrl' and pressing 'Enter' (while your cursor is on the same line as the code).
  2. Launch TidalCycles - In Atom, start a new file and save it with a .tidal extension (e.g. `examples.tidal`)

Making notes

-- If you see a line of code with two dashes at the start like this, it’s called a comment.
-- This is text that the computer will always ignore, so you can annotate your code.