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Type: arpeggiate :: Pattern a -> Pattern a

The arpeggiate (alias arpg) function spreads chords of note numbers over time.

For example, using the 1.0 chord name notation & older list notation:

d1 $ n (arpg "'major7 [0,4,7,11]") # sound "superpiano"


Type: arp :: Pattern String -> Pattern a -> Pattern a The arp function takes an additional pattern of arpeggiate modes.

For example, using the 1.0 chord name notation (root note / chord type / additional notes above the chord):

d1 $ n (arp "<up down diverge>" "<a'm9'8 e'7sus4'8>") # sound "superpiano"

The different arpeggiate modes are:

up down updown downup up&down down&up converge
diverge disconverge pinkyup pinkyupdown
thumbup thumbupdown

The different chords available are:

major maj minor min major7 maj7 dom7 minor7 min7 aug 
dim dim7 one 1 five 5 plus sharp5 msharp5 sus2 sus4 six 6 
m6 sevenSus2 7sus2 sevenSus4 7sus4 sevenFlat5 7f5 m7flat5 
m7f5 sevenSharp5 7s5 m7sharp5 m7s5 nine m9 m7sharp9 m7s9 
maj9 nineSus4 ninesus4 9sus4 sixby9 6by9 m6by9 sevenFlat9 
7f9 m7flat9 m7f9 sevenFlat10 7f10 nineSharp5 9s5 m9sharp5 
m9s5 sevenSharp5flat9 7s5f9 m7sharp5flat9 eleven 11 m11 
maj11 elevenSharp 11s m11sharp m11s thirteen 13 m13