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Type: cut :: Pattern Int -> ControlPattern

In the style of classic drum-machines, cut will stop a playing sample as soon as another sample with the same cutgroup is played.

An example would be an open hi-hat followed by a closed one, and stopping the open hi-hat from playing when a closed one starts:

d1 $ stack [
  sound "bd",
  sound "~ [~ [ho:2 hc/2]]" # cut "1"

This will mute the open hi-hat every second cycle when the closed one is played.

Using cut with negative values will only cut the same sample. This is useful to cut very long samples.

d1 $ sound "[bev, [ho:3](3,8)]" # cut "-1"

Using cut "0" is effectively no cutgroup.

You can also specify a pattern of cutgroups to mute a sample at different times:

d1 $ sound "bev(3,8)" # cut "[1 2 3]*2"