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Type: jux :: (ControlPattern -> ControlPattern) -> ControlPattern -> ControlPattern

The jux function creates strange stereo effects, by applying a function to a pattern, but only in the right-hand channel. For example, the following reverses the pattern on the righthand side:

d1 $ slow 32 $ jux (rev) $ striate' 32 (1/16) $ sound "bev"

When passing functions to functions like jux and every, it’s possible to chain multiple transforms together with ., for example this both reverses and halves the playback speed of the pattern in the righthand channel:

d1 $ slow 32 $ jux ((# speed "0.5") . rev) $ striate' 32 (1/16) $ sound "bev"


Type: juxBy :: Pattern Double -> (ControlPattern -> ControlPattern) -> ControlPattern -> ControlPattern

With jux, the original and effected versions of the pattern are panned hard left and right (i.e., panned at 0 and 1). This can be a bit much, especially when listening on headphones. The variant juxBy has an additional parameter, which brings the channel closer to the centre. For example:

d1 $ juxBy 0.5 (fast 2) $ sound "bd sn:1"

In the above, the two versions of the pattern would be panned at 0.25 and 0.75, rather than 0 and 1.

See also: superimpose and off