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Type: Pattern Time -> (Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> Pattern a -> Pattern a

off is similar to superimpose, in that it applies a function to a pattern, and layers up the results on top of the original pattern. The difference is that off takes an extra pattern being a time (in cycles) to shift the transformed version of the pattern by.

The following plays a pattern on top of itself, but offset by an eighth of a cycle, with a distorting bitcrush effect applied.

d1 $ off 0.125 (# crush 2) $ sound "bd [~ sn:2] mt lt*2"

The following makes arpeggios by adding offset patterns that are shifted up the scale:

d1 $ slow 2 $ 
  n (off 0.25 (+12) $ off 0.125 (+7) $ slow 2 "c(3,8) a(3,8,2) f(3,8) e(3,8,4)") 
  # sound "superpiano"