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Type: orbit :: Pattern Int -> ControlPattern

orbit is used to separate out audio channels. One use is to deal with global effects such as room and delay.

For example if you run both of the following patterns at the same time, the reverb will switch on and off, seemingly at random. This is because reverb is a global effect, is therefore shared by both patterns, and one is trying to turn it on, while the other is trying to switch it off.

d1 $ sound "feel*4" # room 0.9 # sz 0.9

d2 $ sound "bd*16" # room 0

The answer is to put them into different orbits:

d1 $ sound "feel*4" # room 0.9 # sz 0.9 # orbit 0

d2 $ sound "bd*16" # room 0 # orbit 1

Orbits can also be used for sending out separate audio outputs to external software, such as a DAW.

There are two orbits (0 and 1) available by default, but you can add more by Configuring SuperDirt.