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Type: cat :: [Pattern a] -> Pattern a

cat, (also known as slowcat, to match with fastcat defined below) concatenates a list of patterns into a new pattern; each pattern in the list will maintain its original duration. For example:

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2"]

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2", sound "drum*2"]

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "jvbass*3", sound "drum*2", sound "ht mt"]


Type: fastcat :: [Pattern a] -> Pattern a

fastcat works like cat above, but squashes all the patterns to fit a single cycle. Examples:

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2"]

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2", sound "drum*2"]

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "jvbass*3", sound "drum*2", sound "ht mt"]


Type: timeCat :: [(Time, Pattern a)] -> Pattern a

timeCat is like fastcat except that you provide proportionate sizes of the patterns to each other for when they're concatenated into one cycle. The larger the value in the list, the larger relative size the pattern takes in the final loop. If all values are equal then this is equivalent to fastcat, e.g. the following two code fragments are equivalent.

d1 $ fastcat [s "bd*4", s "hh27*8", s "superpiano" # n 0]
d1 $ timeCat [(1, s "bd*4"),
              (1, s "hh27*8"),
              (1, s "superpiano" # n 0)]

See also: append, fastAppend