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Type: snowball :: Int -> (Pattern a -> Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> (Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> Pattern a -> Pattern a

The snowball function recursively combines a pattern with a modified version itself using a combination function over the given number of cycles. Each passing cycle is one level deeper in the recursion and is based of all the previous cycles.

It takes 3 arguments. First a number representing an iteration limit. Second, an operator to combine the patterns with. Third, a function to modify the patterns with.

For example:

d1 $ note (scale "minor" $ snowball 4 (+) (slow 2) $ (run 3)) #sound "gtr" #gain 0.9

For the first cycle, we hear the result of the `run` function. In the second cycle we hear the previous pattern added to a slowed version of itself. The third cycle we hear the result of cycle 2 added to a slowed version of itself. Same goes for the 4th cycle. The result is a rising wandering melody over four cycles. (note that it takes more than 4 cycles to repeat as the base pattern is slowed by 2 again and again until the iteration limit is reached.

This, as the name suggests, can quickly get out of hand.