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Type: speed :: Pattern Double -> ControlPattern

speed turns a number pattern into a control pattern that sets the playback speed of a sample where 1 means normal speed. Can be used as a cheap way of changing pitch for samples. Negative numbers will cause the sample to be played backwards.

d1 $ s "numbers" # speed "1"
d1 $ s "numbers" # speed "2"
d1 $ s "numbers" # speed "0.5"
d1 $ s "numbers" # speed "-1"
d1 $ s "numbers" # speed "[1 1.5 0.75 -1.25]/4"

When using this method to alter sample pitch, there’s a convenience parameter up, which uses units of semitones instead of multiplicative values. For example,

d1 $ s "arpy*4" # up "0 4 7 0"

will play the “arpy” sample at the original speed, then up 4 semitones (a third), then up 7 semitones (a fifth), then once more at the original speed.

The behavior of speed can also be changed by the unit function.