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A page for thoughts and ideas about this wiki.

There's also a short guide for how to contribute

Ideas for this wiki

  • Step by Step tutorials about integrating new SynthDefs, custom samples.
  • Tutorial covering the technical aspect of Tidal Cycles : how does Tidal interacts with SuperCollider, etc...
  • Gentle intro to Haskell with a Tidal focus, creating custom functions, etc..
  • List of useful links to other websites, notable users blogs, etc..
  • Link also to related systems - siren, estuary, troop, editor plugins etc.
  • Performance examples (code).
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Establish purpose of wiki (to help guide contributions) - maybe a new section in How to contribute?
  • Offline version of the docs for inclusion in packages and workspaces without net.

Tasks ongoing

Tasks done!

  • Reproduce full installation docs from